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Choose the subscription that best fits your needs. Every plan starts with a 30-day free trial.



Some key features
  • Limited policy areas
  • Unlimited users
  • Limited daily & weekly newsletters
  • Free training



Some key features
  • Unlimited policy areas

  • Unlimited users
  • Access to policy analysts
  • Unlimited daily & weekly newsletters

  • Free training & quarterly policy review meeting

On Demand

From €19,750/annually

Some key features
  • All Enterprise features
  • Bespoke On Demand services

Our Tools

OPP’s intuitive, user-friendly EU policy tracking platform was designed by policy experts for policy experts. It is populated and managed by a team of Brussels-based policy analysts and includes four unique policy tracking tools: the Newsfeed, Pipeline, Planner, and Mentions.



The beating heart of OPP presents all policy documents, events, press releases, agendas, and meeting summaries on one page. The platform enables you to create your own feed and tailor your content according to the policy issues critical to you and your organisation, putting you in complete control over the information you see, saving you time, and ensuring you remain on top of your brief. All information is published to the platform by our team of policy analysts, who monitor each webpage and read each document.


Our legislation tracker brings together all dates, documents, key players, debate summaries and industry views related to ongoing and upcoming procedures. This gives you a comprehensive overview of any file, allowing you to easily understand the legislative timeline and your ability to influence the policy direction. Our policy analysts write a short “state-of-play” analysis for each file, making you a mini-expert in only a few minutes.



Our calendar helps you keep track of key dates and plan ahead. OPP publish all EU institutional meeting agendas, consultations, feedback and call deadlines, comitology and expert group meetings, and public events. You can filter the Planner by policy area, saving you time and helping you to easily plan your week. You can also use the Planner as an archive of all past meetings and events, making it easy to research historical timelines around legislation, and you can export key dates to your own calendar to ensure you never miss an important event. 


A unique tool providing insight into Member State positions and MEP interventions in meetings OPP have published. By searching our database for company names and important keywords, you can identify which MEPs you need to speak to about your key issues, making it easy to identify and connect with the right person at the right moment. Mentions can also help you prepare for a meeting with an MEP to find out what issues they talk about most so that you can have a constructive conversation and immediately get to the heart of the discussion.


30 day free trial 

Every plan starts with a 30-day free trial so you can see firsthand how OPP can add value to your workflow. We'll organise a demo in the first few days to help you get the most from the trial. If you are part of a team we suggest arranging to trial at the same time. OPP's policy analysts can help you build your profile and are always available to answer any questions you may have.